SBK Foundation

Empowering Rural Communities with Technology

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About SBK

SBK Foundation is a not for profit organization run by women which seeks to empower rural communities through technology in Bangladesh and South Asia.

What we do

Rural communities often lack access to basic health, financial, legal and other crucial services due to poor infrastructure and insufficient resources. We provide the required digital tools and skills to ensure that the basic needs of these rural citizens are met.

Our mission is to build digitally inclusive societies which provide technology access for all, contribute to a Digital Bangladesh and play a small part in moving underdeveloped nations to technology advanced countries.

Tech Hubs

We have established 64 Tech Hubs
one in each of the 64 districts of Bangladesh

Why Tech Hubs

Digital Literacy

To provide digital literacy through technology access, training and education


To connect rural with urban and global by closing knowledge and skills gaps


To develop an ecosystem through the digital transformation of local communities

How the Tech Hub Ecosystem Works

Each Tech Hub is managed by a tech-savvy entrepreneur who is provided laptops, a printer, scanner, copier and router, as a grant.

Our Data Science team helps the Tech Hub managers collect data about the needs and challenges of rural citizens.

Tech Hub managers then connect rural citizens to various startups which offer citizen services that need their specific needs and address their challenges.

The startups partnering Tech Hubs are: Dmoney (FinTech), Dokkho (EdTech), Pulse (MedTech), Uqeel (Legal Tech), Digiland (Land Protection) and PriyoShop (e-commerce).

A rural citizen with health issues can - for example - get medical advice from registered doctors through virtual consultancy via the Pulse app.

Tech Hub managers then connect rural citizens to various startups which offer citizen services that meet their specific needs and address their challenges.

Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN)

This platform aims to unite women from all walks of life and stand in “soulidarity”.
COVID-19 is hurting women badly both in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh.
WEN pledges to provide immediate relief now - Food Security during COVID-19 lockdown AND also Financing for Future Sustainability post COVID-19 lockdown (focus on tech).
Some of us have the ability to make a difference to the UNSEEN, the UNHEARD and the UNSUNG. Women from all walks of life are urged to come forward.
WEN: Stand in ‘Soulidarity.’

Meet the team

Sonia Bashir Kabir

Founder & Chairman

Jihane Tabbae

Director of Technology

Shiuly M. Roy

Assistant Project Manager

Akkie Okma


Sadaf Siddiqi


Laurence Sarah Ainouz


Sarah Abedin


Rina Neoh
Rina Neoh


Navroop K. Sahdev
Navroop K. Sahdev


Be a part of our journey

Join as a Donor, a Local Tech Hub Entrepreneur, or a Volunteer and be a force for Digital Inclusion.

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